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AMOFIA菲菲 – 即 IloveFia,品牌始於患有濕疹、接觸及食物過敏的女兒,致力研製安全、有效、無添加護膚品,將父母對兒女無限付出的愛承存。見證住爸爸媽媽對自己下一代無條件的愛和努力,希望你們都分享到我們的成果,為大家提供安心安全嘅選擇。

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Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Carefully select gentle ingredients and avoid common allergens. Cater the need of people with sensitive skin.

Organic & Natural

Abandon the use of unsustainable petrolatum, pamper your skin by natural and non-polluted ingredients.


Adopt biodegradable ingredients, minimise the influence on marine ecosystem.

No Animals Testing

Refuse animals testing to prevent animals suffering from unnecessary pain and pressure.

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