Brand Philosophy

“AMOFIA” is the creation of unconditional love & effort that we would like to share with you here,
hoping to provide a trustworthy and safe choice to all of you.


AMOFIA, means I Love Fia, A safe, effective & harsh chemical free skin care brand that is developed by committed parent whose daughter was suffering from different food & skin allergies, dermatitis & eczema problems

We are exposed to skincare and cleansing products everyday, but little do we know the ingredients inside are actually increasing the risk to our health and causing different skin problems. The daughter of AMOFIA founders suffered from allergy caused by harsh chemicals in the daily necessities since she was born, therefore the father and mother started to look into each ingredient and their safety in different products. AMOFIA commits to develop safe, effective and harsh chemicals free skincare products and share the result with all of you.



Fia, the daughter of the founders, was diagnosed as having eczema and allergy when being a two-month-old baby. As the itch and redness were never fading, the parent had to look into every little detail in everyday life. With registered nurse background, the mother read different studies and reports when the daughter was sleeping, observed and recorded the changes in daughter’s skin condition, finally she was able to find out the causes, which were food and chemicals, of the skin problems. The saddest of all, in spite of knowing moisturization is the key to keep the skin from worsening, the parent were unable to find products that the daughter was not allergic to.


Everything began from a bottle of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

When Fia reached 6 month old and started solid food, her skin condition was the worst ever. The parent received a bottle of organic virgin coconut oil from family and it was the first moisturization that the daughter was not allergic to. The founders realized that ingredients from the nature turned out to be the key to improve Fia’s skin problem. Although coconut oil is not causing allergy on the daughter, using it solely is not enough to improve the dry eczema skin, as a result, the mother with chemistry knowledge started to look into properties of different natural ingredients, the father, who runs a GMP skincare factory, collected high quality and non-polluting ingredients from all over the world. The parent worked together and used 14 organic natural ingredients to produce AMOFIA’s first skin care product  – Organic Baby Soothing Balm.

Sharing with friends, getting patent, launching as a brand

After the born of Organic Baby Soothing Balm, the founders shared it with friends and family. Receiving lots of positive feedbacks, they were encouraged to get the balm patented and launch it as their own brand. The brand was established in 2017 and was named after the founders’ daughter, Fia, hoping to share the result, knowledge and experience to all of you.

Recommended by One Source and doctors

Every ingredient is carefully studied and tested in AMOFIA, hoping to bring you the best experience of healing and protection by the power of nature. As AMOFIA selects only the ingredients that are safe and good for skin, all the products are rated the safest score 1 (a 0-10 rating in which 10 is the most dangerous to human, only water is rated as 0 ) in 1source, which is an application for analysing the potential risks of ingredients in daily products. Not only is AMOFIA recognised as a safe skincare brand since then, it is also

Clinically Proven by dermatologist in UK

Despite receiving lots of positive feedbacks, the founders sent the products to UK in 2018 for clinical testing by dermatologist in order to answer the question in their heart, whether the product is really effective. The result turned out to be a great success and a confidence booster, the product was clinically proven for its efficacy in soothing and improving sensitve and eczema prone skin, reducing the itch, redness and other symptoms associated

Hong Kong G6PD Deficiency Children’s Foundation Limited

AMOFIA is also the Hong Kong only and first brand developing products for children and adults with G6PD deficiency, the product formulation is also approved by   Hong Kong G6PD Deficiency Children’s Foundation Limited

Knowledge and Experience Sharing

Besides developing skincare products, Ellen, the co-founder of AMOFIA and a registered nurse, also visits different organisations and schools and shares the knowledge and experience in taking care of people with sensitive and eczema skin, hoping to help more people in needs.

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