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AMOFIA Organic Baby Soothing Balm


AMOFIA Organic Baby Soothing Balm


Amofia Organic Soothing Balm is a skin care product developed because of love and help our daughter to get rid of eczema and skin problems caused by food and chemicals. Through countless research and test, we selected 14 kinds of ingredients from 11 countries according to their characteristics to compose the soothing balm. Made from natural organic vegetable oils, it can prevents dry skin, itching, eczema and sensitive skin, protect sebum-deficient skin, effectively lock skin moisture and strengthen skin protective barrier, reduce skin allergies, repair and foster healing of damaged skin. 

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Organic Soothing Balm (Patent No. 17109933.2)

Suitable for infants, children, adults and people with G6PD
#Dermatologist Tested #Clinical Proven

* This product contains organic tree nuts ingredients, please kindly check if the ingredients are suitable for you,

we you are allergic to tree nuts, we do offer tailor made service, please simply email or whatsapp us.

Organic Ingredients

Formulated by 14 different ingredients which were imported from 11 different countries


Eczema and Allergy prone skin, Rash prone skin, Help in Wound Healing Promotion

Other Use

Moisturizer, Itch-soothing, Cracks Healing Promotion, Mosquito Repellent, Stress Relief.

It was just a normal product created for our daughter who is suffering from different food & contact allergies, dermatitis & eczema problems.

Nights of researches plus the knowledge we got from running a skin care factory and a registered nurse mom, it took a year and half for us to finally develop what we think is the best formula for her. The balm is formulated by 14 different ingredients which were imported from 11 different countries. Each ingredient is selected carefully according to their compositions and benefits on skin.

Net Weight: 50g

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 3.5 cm


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