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Amofia Organic & Natural Hypoallergenic Adult Bodywash


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Because our daughter was allergic to carious chemical since babyhood we were not able to find any product that was suitable for her. We have no choice but to clean her body with clear water.
As she has been growing up day by day, her curious mind has led her to come in more contact with different bacteria, therefore, we must develop something for her, so that she can still keep herself clean while continuing to explore.
Size: 300mL
pH: 5.5
Target: Dry, sensitive or prone to eczema skin
Uses: Body cleansing
All without *Formaldehyde * Phthalate * Lanolin * Steroids * Parabens * Surfactants / Foaming Agents * Pigments * Dyes * Soaps * Sulfates * Fragrance
Ingredients derived from (flower, coconut, corn, oil palm fruit, potato, wheat, palm kernel oil, corn sugar, fruit, essential oil)
[ Friendly Reminder ]
* The moisturizer/essence etc. Since there is no emulsifier added, might separate into water and oil layers. Please shake it until the water and oil are well mixed before using it.
* Please check if the ingredients are suitable for you.
* As the products are made from different natural ingredients, please do a patch test on the intact skin 48 hours before usage and note for any signs of irritations.
* This product is made of different natural and organic ingredients. If allergy symptoms occurred, please stop using it. And consult your family doctor.
* Please store a cool and dry area. Keep out of reach of children.
* Avoid contact with eyes.
* For External Use Only.
* Cruelty-free / Alcohol free / Fragrance free / Color free / Mineral oil free

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