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Organic Baby Hydrosol


Organic Baby Hydrosol


Amofia Organic Baby Hydrosol can improve eczema redness and dryness. It is rich in hyaluronic acid, so the hydrosol can restore the skin’s moisture and retain the water as well. Allantoin can improve skin smoothness and the Bulgaria rose water can moisturize and whiten the skin, while the licorice has anti-inflammatory and acne-reducing effects, so Hydrosol is suitable for daily skin care procedures to narrow pores. Suitable for babies and pregnant women.

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Organic Baby Hydrosol

Suitable for infants, children and adults


Dry and reddened skin, stimulating skin cells regeneration, promoting skin healing

Other Uses:

Moisturzing toner, pore tightening, skin lightening

Direction: Due to the face that we didn’t add in emulsifier therefore every brand new product will have a clear oil and water separation, please shake well until oil and water are mixed before first time use, then kindly shake before use after


AmoFia Organic Hydrosol is a moisturizer which works primarily in moisturizing very dry skin. It works by delivering water sorbed molecules to the stratum corneum and help restore normal skin. It is formulated with natural and organic ingredients to help sooth reddened and dry skin, promote healing and regeneration of new skin cells.


As for adults
If you are applying this hydrosol as toner in your daily skin care, you will also be delighted to see its properties in pores tightening and skin lightening.

Volume: 220mL

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Dimensions 4.7 × 4.7 × 17 cm


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