"AmoFia" means "I LOVE FIA"

Our story begins from here

"AmoFia" means "I LOVE FIA"

It was just a normal product created for our daughter who is suffering from different food & skin allergies, dermatitis & eczema problems.

Hours/nights of research plus the knowledge we got from running a skin care factory and a registered nurse mom, it took a year and half for us to finally develope what we think is the best formula for her. Watching her grow happily is definitely one of the best moments we have ever had in our lives.

At the suggestion of our friends, now we began to share all of our self-inventions here.

“AmoFia” is the testimony from a father and a mother on their next generation with unconditional love and effort. We hope through ‘AmoFia’ we are able to help you soothe all kinds of skin problems.


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